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Recyclable PP-made toothbrush can be returned after use


A toothbrush made from recyclable PP can be sent back to Preserve Products for plastic recycling after use.

Earlier this year, Preserve Products in Waltham, Mass., introduced a returnable packaging for its toothbrush product. After replacing the toothbrush, consumers can send the old toothbrush back to the company. Plastic recycling. The handle part of this toothbrush uses recyclable PP material, brush head is divided into new nylon material.

This 2g recyclable packaging is a composite of biaxially oriented polypropylene/polyethylene film supplied by Printpack Co., Ltd. Printpack uses a four-color process and spot color printing to print beautifully on the material. Then, Preserve's toothbrush production partners packaged toothbrushes by hand.

This green packaging was actually created by Preserve and Continuum, a global innovation and design consultancy. A brief description printed on the package guides consumers on how to open and close the package, and the words “postage paid” are printed on the first 250,000 toothbrushes for sale. Consumers simply insert the disposable toothbrush into the package and fold it over to the Preserve.

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